Meet Jake

So you go to your dentist and he says “I think you need to get evaluated forbraces”!! Mom tells you what to expect and she sets up an appointment with Dr. Margolis. You come in to see Dr. Margolis and he tells you what to expect. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear what to expect from one of the patients!!!

We would like to introduce you to Jake. Jake had his braces put on last week and has agreed to share his experience with us. We will be posting a blog note and pictures of Jake about every six weeks until he gets his braces taken off so that you can monitor his progress.

In his own words:

Hi my name is Jake. I want to tell you about my braces and how it’s going so far. I am 13 years old and in the 7th grade at Baird Middle School in Ludlow. My favorite subject is sci tech and computer class. I want to be an engineer when I grow up. I want to design and build things. I have three brothers, all had or need braces. I have a dog named Sampson who is an American Eskimo. I adopted him from the shelter and he is really cool. We also have another dog named Buddy who is a beagle. I am a very kind guy and very huggable.

The first time I came to see Dr. Margolis, I was very comfortable. He is very nice and described what to expect very well. I liked that he spoke to ME, not only my parents. When Dr. Margolis told me I needed braces, I was not surprised because I went to another orthodontist but wanted to try out seeing Dr. Margolis. I liked him right away and said I wanted him to do my braces.

I had molds done of my teeth. It felt very funny. The x-rays were weird because it felt like a robot, but it did not hurt at all. I was not nervous about anything because I think he prepared me for everything he was going to do.

Putting the braces on did not hurt while at the office. Later that night it was sore and my teeth ached a lot. They ached for a day or two. A good food to eat was applesauce, pudding, ice cream, jello, macaroni and cheese (make it extra soft and milky) tuna fish and yogurt. Advil worked better than Tylenol for the pain I had the first few days. The first week I could not eat chewy food because my teeth hurt when they closed. Every day they get better and better. At times already I am forgetting I even have them!

I think they look OK and I’m not worried about how they look. I picked green, white and red bands on the braces for the Italian flag. I think I will pick different colors each time I go. Brushing my teeth takes longer than usual but I am trying to do a good job. I think the worst is over and I feel confident that these braces are going to work.