Care and Maintenance

Just like maintaining healthy teeth and gums, space maintainer care and preservation directions need to be religiously followed. If a space maintainer wearer is not taken to dentist regularly for a checkup every six months, problems can set in, especially if the wearer does not observe proper dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing regularly.

There also is a chance that the gum tissue in the space can grow over the wire arm, putting the wearer at risk of infection. If this occurs, surgery may be necessary to remove the gum tissue.

It is necessary for a child with a fixed space maintainer to avoid chewy candy and gum, as these can loosen the band or get caught in the wire arm. If the space maintainer comes loose, there is a risk of swallowing the object. The child shouldn’t push on the space maintainer with his or her tongue or fingers, as this could damage its shape and eventually loosen it.

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