Why is it necessary to wear a retainer?

After wearing braces for several months, a retainer ensures that the corrected teeth and jaw alignment of a patient do not revert to their former position. Wearing retainers is of special importance to growing patients because as their body grows, their teeth also undergo natural repositioning. Often retainers can last and are worn for several years.

However, not all patients who are required to wear retainers have used braces before as part of their orthodontic therapy. In certain cases, orthodontists recommend to some patients to directly proceed to wearing retainers. This is true when the purpose of the retainer is only to close a gap between their teeth or to move one tooth.

Once fitted with a retainer, a patient, especially one who had not worn braces, will feel a considerable amount of pressure on his/her teeth and gums and may even feel sore for a while. These sensations are normal.

Most patients are required to wear their retainer during the evenings at first, while some are directed to wear them during the day. Orthodontists do not recommend wearing retainers while eating or drinking.

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