Other purposes

Aside from helping correct teeth alignment, some patients are required to wear retainers to help with speech problems or to solve certain medical problems. Among the disorders were retainers are used are:

Tongue-thrust. Tongue thrust is when the tongue sneaks through the teeth when a patient speaks. A special retainer with small metal bars hanging from the roof of the mouth restrains the tongue from snaking when the patient speaks. The patient is required to wear this special retainer over a certain period.

Temporomandibular joint disorder. Called TMJ for short, this is a bite disorder that could also be caused by the abnormal contact of the teeth that affects the jaw muscles and the joints in the mouth. It can also be caused by neurological disorders.

Bruxism. Also called teeth gnashing, bruxism is a habit that takes place when a person is asleep that causes abnormal tooth erosion and can caused other medical maladies such as jaw pain and headaches. It is one of the most common sleep disorders and is cured by fitting a retainer that prevents the mouth from completely closing during sleep.

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