What should one expect during the orthodontic visit?

The orthodontist will conduct a thorough dental examination of the patient and get his dental history. He/She will take X-rays of the patient’s teeth and head, panoramic X-rays are usually required to get the full perspective of teeth, gums and jaw. If the patient has dental problems (gum disease, cavities, etc.), the orthodontist may require that these be addressed first before procedures for braces are begun. The orthodontist will also decide whether he/she needs to extract some of the patient’s teeth (this is usually the case for crowded teeth) before fitting the braces.

Once the patient is clear of other dental problems, a mold will be made of his/her teeth using dental putty. This mold creates an exact impression of the teeth and will be used in studying the patient,s bite and creating an individualized treatment plan. The mold will also be used in creating braces that will properly fit the patient.

It may take a couple of visits to have the braces installed, depending on the kind of work to be done. Once the braces have been placed, the patient will need to regularly visit his orthodontist to have the braces tightened or checked. On average, adults need to have their braces tightened every three to six weeks.

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